Made in the U.S. sold World Wide! The original no buffing polish! Now selling on Amazon and E-Bay!

Welcome To PCA Shoe Care Products

 The makers of Shape Up Instant Black Military Spit-Shine are proud to introduce the next step in shoe care polishes.   All our products are made from advanced polymers that actually become a part  of the shoe...making your favorite shoes look just like brand new! 

  If you have ever had to put a shine on your footwear the old way it could take an hour or more.  Now you can have that brilliant shine without all the time.  No rubbing! No buffing! No kidding!  You will be amazed when you see how new your footwear looks and how long they will keep that "just polished shine"!

  Now more than ever people are finding more and more uses for our products.  Baseball umpires and basketball officials find that our products work great and they love it!  What do you use it for?  Let us know what you have to say.