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PCA Shoe Care Products

   Since 1971, PCA Shoe Care Products has been providing Shape Up Instant Black Military Polish, to the U.S. Military, retired personnel and civilian markets.   Now we have introduced 5 more products to our line:  Ultra Shine, Dress Black, Brite White, Sport Black and Camo Black.  Since all of our products work exactly the same they not only take care of you footwear, but all of you leather care needs.  

   We're not talking ordinary shoe polish here.  Our formula is totally different!  We're getting cutting-edge polymer technology instead of ordinary wax.  Gives you a quick and easy spit-shine in just minutes.  One of our bottles will do about 20 pairs of your favorite shoes/boots and all your leather wear.   Save money, save time and save your shoes!

    All of our products are made of a durable high-tech polymer finish that actually renews, refinishes, softens leather, guards against scuffing, and repels water.  

    Leather, before it's cut up and into shoes, is first coated with a polymer acrylic...that's what gives it the color and finish.   As you wear the shoes, that coating wears off, and nothing less than a new application of similar coating material will ever make those shoes look just like new again.  Our products actually do that! 

    We've already sold millions of bottles of Shape Up to the U.S. Military, so we know how much they count on us for the easiest, quickest, longest-lasting spit shine in the world.  For shoes, boots, belts, duty rigs, holsters, sole and edge dressing, purses, wallets, etc.  Absolutely guaranteed to never ever crack or peel!  Check out all of our products on our shop page.  And for more information look at our mission statement.




And everyone else who wants to look sharp!