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  1. Before first use shake bottle twice and let stand.
  2. Prepare your shoes/boots for application by cleaning with cloth and rubbing alcohol. (note:  do not need to take off original coloring, just previously applied wax or polishes.)
  3. Start by dipping applicator and gently remove excess on lip of bottle.
  4. Starting area of shoes/boots (back seam), using the flat of the applicator apply light, gentle, even, feathering strokes.     
  5. Without re-dipping applicator lightly remove any excess polish on the lip of the bottle, still using the flat of the applicator, continue to apply light and gentle strokes over the area working on. (important:  using light strokes is best method for application).  
  6. Re-dipping applicator for rest of shoe/boot using methods  3-5.  
  7. Recommended 2 coats for best results.

Note:  Our products are intended for use on your favorite pair of shoes/boots.  Although it can be used for new footwear, it is not recommended, since they are new.  For use on all your leather care needs repeat steps 3-5.