Made in the U.S. sold World Wide! The original no buffing polish! Now selling on Amazon and E-Bay!

If you have any questions check our page as your question may already be answered.

Q1:  Do I have to clean my shoes?  Yes, for our products to work properly, the shoe must be clean of any previous polishes.

Q2:   Do I have to take off original coloring?  No, just be sure to remove any previously applied polishes.

Q3:  How do I remove your products?   Use an old rag and acetone which is contained in finger nail polish remover.  No need to go past the original coloring.

Q4:  What happens if cracking appears?  The shoe or boot was not properly cleaned, be sure to straighten out any bends to clean in between the creases. 

Q5:  Can I use Ultra Shine over Shape Up?  Yes, we do recommend it, especially if you did not get the shine desired.

Q6:  Will your products cover scuffs?  Yes,  for minor scuffs and scratches our products work very well.

Q7:  How long will it take before I can wear my shoes?  You can wear you shoes  within 2-3 minutes of finishing.

Q8:  How long does it take to receive my order?  We ship out orders the very next day you submit it, usually 3-5 days.

Q9:  Do I have to redo my shoes if they get dirty or muddy?  No, simply clean them off with a wet cloth and the shine is still there.

Q10:  How long does each application last?  Depending on the user wear usually about 2-3 weeks.

Q11:  How long does it take to shine my shoes?  With a little practice, no longer than 10 minutes.

Q12:  What can I use to remove excess buildup?  Acetone, which is contained in finger nail polish remover.

Q13:  Do we ship internationally?  Yes, we do ship internationally.


Should you have anymore questions we will be glad to answer them and post them to our website. 

Thank you.